The Retreeb apps are born !

2 min readFeb 27, 2023

Your new payment App

You can now choose a responsible way to pay ! Download Retreeb in the stores and discover the App.

  • Add funds : Once you download the App, you need to add funds in order to pay.
  • The Map : Open the in-app map and search for any store inside the Retreeb network. Click on the icon to see more info and even get the route to get there.
  • Choose your cause : After your first payment, you’ll be asked to choose which cause you’d like to support for free. You can follow the funding progress in the “Projects” page.
  • Payment : At your favorite store, all you need to do is scan the QR Code presented by the merchant, confirm the transaction and that’s it.

As you know, our strategy is to launch from local to global, starting in France, the territory that we know the best. Meaning that the App will be available to download everywhere in UE, but the onboarding is limited by phone number. Certain countries won’t be accepted for the moment.

There are also some improvements to make, the team is and will still be working on these matters. Feedback is very much appreciated.

The famous LUC

In the next couple days, Retreeb will be in Tours. The pilot city for the launch of the entire project.

Our arrival will be supported with billboards, digital advertising, street marketing actions, advertising bikes, strategically placed stickers, goodies and much more. The city will shine the colors of Retreeb !

Next to all these actions, ambassadors and users of Retreeb will start to generate the first transactions, use Retreeb as intended and the first social and environmental projects will receive their first euros.

CELL Off-chain launch

CELL for Centralized Executive Link Ledger isn’t yet fully connected to the Apps. For now we’re still in a Testnet run phase. The Mainnet on fantom will be launched in a few weeks once the production confort tests are fully done.

This is a moment we’re all very proud of.

Change your payment method, change the world. 💚

Links : Buy $treeb Website | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub | Product