What about CELL ?

3 min readJan 25, 2022

CELL is an acronym for Centralized Executive Link Ledger. It’s a centralized layer on top of a decentralized Fantom Opera layer to bridge the gap with a centralized FIAT system. CELL is the retreeb clearing house protocol. Building a mainstream Crypto/Fiat payment system on blockchain doesn’t only rely on the creation of wallets and apps. It involves a lot of financial and technical engineering.

The main responsibility of CELL, is to organize the flows on the chain and the FIAT financial flows. Like a heart, it ensures that the on-chain flow in one ventricle (blockchain) matches the fiat flow on the other ventricle (our BaaS partner).

The ventricle dedicated to the on-chain (Fantom Opera Chain) flow is the most important part of CELL. The architecture is based on a multitude of modules for the creation of local StableTreeb (s)Treeb, their distribution, transactions and monitoring.

Each module plays an essential role in the execution of the protocol. The Key Manager Module module ensures the administration, security and encryption of the different smartcontracts. It is secured by a multi-signature system and cryptographic procedures. Finally, it enables calling the smart contracts of the Token Factory, dedicated to the Mint/Burn/Transfer roles.

The Token Factory module ensures the creation of different (s)Treeb smart contracts, one for each currency zone. To start with the (s)Treeb€, then (s)Treeb£ and so on; the goal is to cover multiple currency areas. The on-chain transfer between the different monetary zones will be ensured by an Interzone Module linked directly to the Token Factory and a financial Oracle.

The Key Manager module also communicates with the Wallet Manager Service which secures the wallet and communicates with the Wallet Provider. Therefore it ensures that each new user on the network is supplied and can carry out transactions. The Transactions Module receives the transaction orders validated by the users and translates them into a chain. In addition, a Batch sub-module allows small transactions to be grouped together.

CELL — Dragon Ball Z

On the FIAT flow, 3 CELL modules are involved and 3 Banking as a Service modules. On the CELL side, there is the Database Module which ensures the encrypted storage of all the data necessary for the functioning of the different modules and the communication with the BaaS provider. There is also the Controler Module that ensures the monitoring of all on-chain transactions and their correct reflection on the FIAT side. Finally, the BaaS API Module communicates with the BaaS partner’s API to order FIAT transfers between the various technical bank accounts, send withdrawal orders and receive deposit information.

This financial architecture is the key to providing a mass market payment solution and ensuring a profitable but redistributive business model. We will not expand the payment market. No. We’re going to disrupt it and redistribute some of the industry’s profits to the projects you decide to support.

We are building the future. Ethic, solidary and responsible.

Nadjib Belloundja CTO retreeb