You can now Retreeb your friends!

2 min readMay 17, 2023

A major new feature was just released in the Retreeb App.

Send money to your friends 💶

Retreeb is already an amazing app with an unique approach to finance. By donating 33% of its commissions, Retreeb automatically finances good causes. It is your solution to adopt a sustainable payment method.

With its latest release, Retreeb now allows you to send money to your friends. You need to pay back your friend for that great dinner together? Send money for a group gift? Retreeb has you covered!

  • Simple and free : it doesn’t cost you a single penny to send money to a friend.
  • Instant money transfer : you don’t need to wait days before seeing your balance go up. The money its instantly sent to your account.
  • Forget banking details : with Retreeb all you need is your friend’s phone number, that’s all.

How to send money to a friend ?

Simplicity is our mantra, so we’ve made the money transfer process simple.

  1. Click on the main button in the homepage.
  2. Choose “transfer” in the toggle.
  3. Enter your friend’s phone number, and search.
  4. Enter the amount you want to send & click on send!

Since it’s free and there are no fees, there is no redistribution on these transfers either, but it’s a great opportunity to get familiar with the Retreeb ecosystem.

We’re very proud to release this new and major feature. This answers an important demand from our users and allows them to enjoy a more complete application.

Want to try if for yourself ? Click here 👉

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