The future is Multi-chain !

After months of development, our core technology, CELL (Centralized Executive Link Ledger), is entering its final validation phase in testnet on Fantom Foundation Network. This is a very exciting moment!

We have already described here all the reasons why we chose Fantom as our main infrastructure blockchain (robustness, velocity, scalability, low gas costs and energy consumption).

That being said, at retreeb we are convinced that the key to the success of an application service on the blockchain is obviously the qualities of the main layer 1 but also the interoperability between blockchains.

As you know, Fantom Network is an EVM compatible blockchain. This means that there are many possibilities for integration and other cross-chain bridges.

So the decision was made in the last few weeks to make CELL interoperable and we did it! Our goal is to add a cross-chain aggregation module to CELL. This module will allow us to analyse in real time the performance (TPS / Gas fee) of different blockhains to allow layer 1 arbitration in case of congestion, failure or overcost.

It was therefore necessary to choose the most relevant blockchain for retreeb and test this interoperability. After a detailed analysis and benchmark of the different options, we decided to integrate interchain bridges linking CELL to Polygon.

In addition, Polygon has recently announced that it is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2022, or even negative carbon neutrality once Ethereum becomes a POS! This is a key point for retreeb.

As cross-chain systems continue to grow in popularity, the DeFi industry is aiming for greater data and smart contract interoperability. This integration with Polygon reinforces Retreeb’s goal of creating the world’s most advanced cross-chain solution for ethical payments and marks an important step towards building an interoperable cross-chain future.

The $Treeb token currently available on several exchanges and the Spooky Swap DEX will be also available on Polygon soon.

Links : Buy $treeb Website | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub




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Ethical Payment Solutions -

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