Retreeb x Intergiro — an important partnership for ethical payments

3 min readMar 13, 2023

Retreeb, an ambitious Swiss payment solution that helps consumers support social causes, has chosen to partner with Swedish fintech Intergiro to manage its off-chain financial flows in the Eurozone.

The partnership is a very important step towards the launch of this innovative sustainable payment solution. Retreeb represents a new model of value redistribution, by distributing 33% of revenue to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initatives, essentially propelling a new paradigm that reinvents payments systems in line with the needs of tomorrow’s sustainable world.

Intergiro — A Swedish Banking as a Service platform

From now on, Retreeb will rely on the infrastructures developed by Intergiro, one of the leading European Banking as a Service (BaaS) platforms, to handle the off-chain financial flows generated via Retreeb’s solutions.

Intergiro’s services, offered entirely via API, cover the entire payment chain and thus improve the payment experience of users. Thanks to Intergiro, Retreeb will be able to create Euro accounts for its users. When paying with Retreeb, Intergiro will manage and secure the EUR transfer between consumers and merchants on the Retreeb network.

Retreeb regulated in Europe — a major step towards deployment

Intergiro is regulated under a Swedish electronic money (EMI) license, allowing it to service the European Economic area as a payment and electronic money institution.

Partnering with Intergiro is a key piece of the puzzle in this project, as it allows Retreeb to be license and deploy its solutions throughout Europe.

This key partnership embodies Retreeb’s “blockchain for good” ideal as applied to payments. With Intergiro’s support, Retreeb aims to transform the dogma of finance from “make as much profit as possible” to “make as much profit as possible, to share”. For every euro of profit, 33% is donated to societal and environmental causes.

About Intergiro

Intergiro is a Swedish fintech company that provides a financial ecosystem for innovators, disruptors, and digital builders. Its Banking as a Service platform provides the infrastructure needed to deliver financial services to businesses, giving them the ability to offer a range of services to their customers without having to build and maintain their own banking license or infrastructure.

About Retreeb

Founded in 2019, Retreeb is a blockchain-based Swiss fintech that offers a simple, free and sustainable mobile payment method. Our solution empowers users to make choices in accordance with the universal values of ethics, sharing, and solidarity. Completing the last link in the chain of sustainable consumption.

Retreeb is the first financial institution that decides to link its business performance with its social contribution.

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