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4 min readJun 28, 2022

A new page will soon be written for retreeb and for the history of payment!

It’s already been a year since we launched our private sale and only 10 months since we launched our public sale and listed our token, $Treeb. By the way, it’s worth remembering that $Treeb is still a very young token.

Our tech & product goals for this first year were, to develop our Apps (Consumer & Retailer wallets), our technological layer (CELL) and to launch our Staking Program.

You were introduced to our staking platform last November. Then, you witnessed the presentation of the consumer wallet in January. Last April, we shared with you an update on the progress of the various CELL modules. And now you know what the Retailer wallet looks like !

A retailer wallet that is currently in its beta-testing phase with a selection of merchants. The delivery of the app should not be mistaken for its commercial launch and therefore its deployment on the stores.

Before that, there are still some technical topics to be solved in terms of inter-bank flows with Treezor and some regulatory validation steps with the regulator, who will have to audit our solution. But we will also take advantage of this period to :

  • launch a new retreeb website 🚀
  • implement our referral program on the consumer App
  • add a P2P (consumer to consumer) payment feature.
    “Thank you for the lunch mate, let me retreeb you 😏 !”
  • add a “collaborator” feature for a retailer wallet (multi-terminal)

Besides all this, we have also been working on different subjects regarding the crypto side of the project and we hope to release some big news soon.

We are all very proud of our ability to produce and deliver, but we also know that we will soon be hitting the market!
The smell of the street is beginning to spread into the office!

Launching a payment service is like launching a dating App. For Tinder to work there needs to be a balance between men and women. For a payment service to work, there needs to be a balance between consumers and merchants. Almost like an alchemy. To create this, we will deploy the solution on Local Use Cases (LUC).

What is a LUC ? From local to global !

A LUC is a territory in which the retreeb service will be deployed to serve as an operational test area, a study area (with metrics) prior to the scaling phase and a viral propagation area for the service (referral program). It is a medium-sized city with a population between 100K to 200K.

Of course, the service will be available to download and accessible simultaneously everywhere in France and even from the EU zone. Locally, merchants and consumers will be able to use it in total freedom. But our marketing and sales efforts will focus on LUCs. Why will we do this? Because for the mayonnaise to thicken, we’ll have to shoot with a rocket launcher on these confettis!

Changing people’s consumption habits its far from being an easy task. Even with the best of products and especially when it comes to their money. It is crucial to avoid that the consumer who adopts retreeb, only finds 1 or 2 businesses able to accept his payments, miles and miles away. The density of the acceptance network is the key!

That’s why we’re going to deploy LUCs. To create this density on a local scale and give maximum visibility to retreeb on this territory. It’s still a little early to tell you the name of this first LUC and all the marketing actions we’ve imagined, but you should know that we’ve already been working on this deployment for several weeks with our strategic consulting agency. We are also meeting and working with elected officials, universities, business schools and local business associations.

The viral marketing mechanisms built into the service will help it spread beyond the LUCs. Then after several LUCs and when we find our product market feat, we can then launch a more global marketing.

If the various steps of the process go well, we believe we will be able to deploy the first LUC by the end of Q3 2022, early Q4 2022. This is one heck of a challenge, but because we believe in our strengths and our mission, we are ready to take on the challenge!

Lepetit Jeremi — CEO of retreeb

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