Retreeb & the amazing Retreebers

Thanks to you, we opened a funding wallet ! You can donate to help to fight chronic malnutrition 🌍

  • Donation Wallet address : 0xD91342f800D7148d5A3E2787ca15410368AE8B47

UNITLIFE: Focus on agriculture to prevent chronic malnutrition

Many regions remain vulnerable to weather conditions, food insecurity and poor nutrition. Unfortunately, malnutrition still affects millions of people especially in Africa and the current crisis will accentuate this phenomenon because of the rise in wheat prices.

Ok, what’s the plan then ? 📝

By a 3-step smart & complete process:

(From left to right) — Bio-fortified crops — Home garden — VSLA Trainings

Where will your money go?

To a very important initiative !
This next step is the financial inclusion that is a real issue in the 20 villages which are part of the initiative.

So, what’s the idea ? 🧠

The idea is to digitalize the VSLA initiatives.



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