Retreeb 🎰 New Staking Pools Lottery

After the success of our staking program launched in November, the new pools are here !
Last time the Deep Pool was sold out in just a few hours, so maybe you should be quick this time ⏱

We know you’ve been waiting for this moment… are your $TREEB ready ? 👀

Meet the New Pools

  • Mineral Pool : 12% APR — Lock-up 9 months
  • Carbon Pool : 22% APR — Lock-up 12 months
  • Amber Pool : 28% APR — Lock-up 18 months

How to participate

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account (if you don’t have one already)
  3. Stake at least 200$ worth of $TREEB, into ONE pool*

And that’s it ! Piece of 🍰
15 000$
worth of $TREEB will then be airdroped to 30 random winners, that’s 500$ per winner 😏

Details :
- Stake between march 16th to march 31st.
- There will be 3 packs of 10 winning tickets, 1 pack released per week.
- Prize is based at a price of : 0.20$ per token.
- Total amount of $TREEB distributed : 75 000.

*your staked $TREEB need to be into one single pool. Do not split the amount into different pools.

Note : The prize will be airdroped directly to the wallet you staked with, they won’t be send to the staking platform.

#Staking #BuiltOnOpera #Retreeb

Retreeb: Website | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub



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