Retreeb Christmas Giveaway 🎄

Hello fellow Retreebers! It has been an amazing year for us and we want to give a special thanks to all of you who compose this lovely community. Thank you for you support since the beginning 💙

To show our gratitude and to celebrate this special time of the year we will be doing one last Contest & Giveaway… oh oh oh !

Prizes :

  • 1 Bronze Private Key → $300 worth of TREEB staked.
  • 1 Silver Private Key → $500 worth of TREEB staked.
  • 1 Gold Private Key → $1,000 worth of TREEB staked.

You got it, these are seed phrases for Metamask wallets with TREEB staked in them. So the prize might even be higher when unlocked 🚀.

Please read very carefully all the info bellow.

Visual explanation of the mechanism of the entire game.

A 3 step Contest

Christmas Game n°1 : The Quiz 📝

Opening December 23 — Winner announcement December 25

For this first game, all the participant will need to answer to the biggest Quiz ever done at Retreeb don’t worry it will only take a few minutes so you can go back to watch your crypto charts 📈.

You need to have a 100% score to level up to the next game !
Of course you can check answers with your friends, after all this is not the final exam for your scholarship… or is it ?

Please be very very careful with your answers, double-check before submitting your form.

👉 The Quiz.

So you’re the winner of the first game? Well played! The journey is over for you but you have your prize.
Are you a gambler?
You can either take your prize and go home happy, or you can choose to challenge your luck and level up to game n°2. 🎰

Christmas Game n°2 : Meme Contest 🥸

Opening December 27 — Winner announcement December 29
(You can only access this second contest if you scored 100% on the Quiz.)

Oh yeah ! The first Meme Contest on our channel.
This one is pretty straight forward. Send us your best meme (sticker) and the team will pick up the final one.

PLUS the chosen one, will be the VERY FIRST sticker added to Telegram on Retreeb’s history, pretty nice uh? 👀

The rules for this (it’s the crypto-space, without rules this will be a nasty mess) :
Evaluation criteria :

  • Meme image quality
  • Humour and suitability with Retreeb’s brand image.

Rules :

  • Must be in cheerful spirit, say no to FUD!
  • Try at most to use our logo or icons related to the project, you can use our brand assets.

Are you a gambler?
The same as game n°1. You can either take your prize and go home happy, or you can choose to challenge your luck and level up to game n°3. 🎰

Christmas Game n°3 : Treasure Hunt 🕵️‍♀️

Opening December 29 — Ends at midnight December 31.
You can only access this second contest if you participated in the Meme Contest. (to participate in the Meme contest you need 100% score on the Quiz).

Welcome to the third and final contest of this Christmas session!
Let’s spice up the things a little bit…

Do you like treasure hunts?
Of course, you do so keep your eyes ready 👀

How does this work?
Pretty simple. In order to win the very last and mystic GOLD private key, you need to find the 4 Christmas Elves 🧝‍♀️. But of course, they are hiding very well…

It’s up to you to find all 4 of them. Where could they be?…

· Our social media

· Website

· Platforms

· Our content

· Etc

So, you found the first one hey? Congrats!
But of course, first we need to check the proof mister Sherlock 🕵️‍♀️.

Note : All the eligible participants for the Elf hunt will be invited to a private Telegram group, the Retreeb Elf Hunters.
We will only be looking at the proof of those in this group.

There will only be ONE winner, the FIRST one to find. So, make sure to find all 4 Elves to win.

Keep in mind, if you send proof for 1 Elf on the TG group others will be able to see it… solo or cooperation play? It’s up to you guys.

Ready ? Set. Go oh oh! 🎅




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