Retreeb | Ambassadors Club

What’s the Ambassador Club ?

At Retreeb we are concerned to involve selected experts in our project. People that are enthusiastic for this new blockchain era. Is this you ?

Who are the Ambassadors ?

Wether it is by creating content, translating it or animating the community, an Ambassador is someone who wants to be a player in a project where the blockchain is used to do good for the world of tomorrow.

Who can apply to be an Ambassador ?

As all the members in the Club, we are searching for members who have :

  • knowledge about the crypto world.
  • an existing follower base on Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, etc.
  • quality content & engagement.
  • a specific language (other than french & english) can be a bonus.

Do you think you can be an Ambassador ?

Okay, so after reading the whole article you are confident and want to apply. As always we made this easy for everyone.



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