Offensive token burning strategy 🔥

As our VC vesting is over : we have decided to launch a burning mechanism, starting now ! 🚀

More than 5,6M$ burned in the next months 🔥.

To reach this goal we will burn up to 20 Million of our own company reserve tokens, that’s 2% of the total supply. This action is carried out in order to give a healthier future to our little gem, the $treeb.

15 milestones for 15 Million tokens.

The burn mechanism is based on a system of 15 milestones represented by floor prices. Each of them triggers the burn of a specific quantity of tokens indicated in parallel with the related milestone. To activate each milestone, the daily price (as given by Spookyswap linear graph) must remain above each floor price, and be stabilized over a period of 5 days.

And special events for the Retreebers

You really thought we would stop here ? — Of course not.
In addition to the 15M tokens burned, there will also be special Retreeb burn events where 5 Million extra tokens will be burned to celebrate the reaching of different milestones. For example, X token holders, anniversaries, etc.



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