How to create a Metamask wallet ?

2 min readNov 18, 2022

Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet. It is available as a browser plugin that you can install easily, just like any other web browser extension. You can use it on Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Brave. Metamask is used to store, send and receive crypto. It allows you to easily access and use any decentralized application.

Installing Metamask

  1. Go to the Metamask website
  2. Create a Chrome (or Brave) extension : to be redirected to the download page, click Install Metamask for… (your browser)

3. Download and install the extension ( “ add to your browser”)

Once installed, MetaMask will ask you to allow its extension to run in a browser window. Click on accept. After that, you should see the start screen below. Click the “Start” button.

Set up your wallet

  1. Next, choose Create a Wallet. This will create our hot wallet, which is connected to the internet and always available.

2. Accept the conditions. Once the Metamask installation is open, you have to click start and create a wallet. You’ll be asked to accept the Personal Data Policy and Terms of Use.

3. You have to set a password.

4. Then, words are generated automatically for your Secret Recovery Phrase. It’s VERY important to store this phrase in a secure place.

See also: Crypto Coach: How to protect your seed phrase.

And that’s it !