Dear Retreebers, the end of 2023 is approaching, and 2024 opens up new horizons and new perspectives!

3 min readDec 27, 2023

2023 was a year that we had to navigate as best as we could in a very difficult market. But we were prepared. We know the cycles, and we knew that the euphoria of 2022 would not last. We did not burn through our cash foolishly, and it seems that we have survived our first bear market. I believe that we should already congratulate ourselves on this, as very few small market caps have survived.

However, we are not completely satisfied with our results because we were not able to achieve everything we had planned last year. We had to make strategic choices, freeze hiring, deprioritize projects, prioritize others, and make the best of our resources. We also had to face the reality of production, which brings its share of unexpected events and operational realities. But we come out of it stronger, more experienced, and more determined than ever to achieve our mission and our goals.

This roadmap is ambitious and as realistic as possible, both in terms of quantitative and qualitative objectives. It takes into account projects that are already planned or in the pipeline, and it is based on the operational lessons of the past few months. The more we grow, the more we analyze raw data, and the more our projection capacity will be refined.

We do not mention any listings in this roadmap in order to avoid creating overexpectations. Because we have learned that these subjects are dealt with according to opportunities and a context. They cannot be sequenced in advance. This does not mean that we are not working on them. Because despite the toxic and often mafia-like environment of these platforms, we also know that they are catalysts for creating adoption and liquidity.

We will be putting in place new resources for the community in the near future in order to increase our partnerships and make the most of this cycle. We will soon be deploying the charity launchpad, which will be, as you know, the first environment for using the Treeb within the Retreeb ecosystem. Keep in mind that the team is concerned about the future of the Treeb, as it is a community of interest with all our holders.

As announced in the introduction, this year promises to be rich in new perspectives. Central banks are going to try to deploy their digital currencies, and we will have to resist them. Bitcoin is proving to be a safe haven in the role that Satoshi carved out for it in the face of still very high inflation. Mainstream finance is hybridizing with decentralized finance, and ETFs are expected to see investments in web3 grow. But at the same time, these perspectives are being weakened by an extremely tense geopolitical context against a backdrop of the dollarization of the world, the struggle for resources, and other eschatological prophecies.

So, be sure that we will remain agile, and we will seize all the opportunities that present themselves to continue the project that we are carrying with Retreeb. 2024 will be a year of growth and adoption, and perhaps the revelation to the masses that a virtuous alternative to Visa and MasterCard exists.

Lepetit Jeremi Co-founder & Co-CEO