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Raul Dufy: The Spirit of Electricity

Too volatile, purely speculative, unregulated, organised crime and terrorism funding, monetary sovereignty of the states (banks), etc. You have already heard at least one of these objections to cryptocurrencies.

Even though there are still many causes of mistrust towards blockchain and more precisely towards the underlying cryptocurrencies, they have most often become obsolete and/or instrumentalized by industrial protectionism.

However there is one of them — not so prominent even among industry insiders — that deserves attention. Is blockchain a technology compatible with ecological issues or is it an ecological scourge?

Some climate and low-carbon industry experts are highly critical about…

If there is one theme that is indissociable from blockchain, it is the transparency of transactions. Not from the stakeholders’ identity, protected by a cryptographic method, but from the distributed and decentralized register. But while transparency is an undeniable confidence-building vector, trust does not necessarily need transparency to be established. A transparent business relationship will undoubtedly be a source of trust, but the reverse is not true. A business relationship based on trust will not necessarily be transparent. At the heart of any relationship, whether commercial, diplomatic, banking, social, marital, etc., is the matter of trust. …

© Safar Safarov

If Nick Szabo already imagined the contours of a smart contract in 1996, we had to wait for Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin’s protocol, to see these new forms of smart contracts develop. Since then, many other protocols (EOS, Tezos, Dune, FANTOM, Neo, etc.) have developed the intelligence part integrated into the blockchain and other technological underlyings (DAGchain, Holochain, etc.).

Smart Contract: Brainpower of the Blockchain

This is a computer protocol intended to automate the performance of a contract. Once coded and deployed on the blockchain, the Smart Contract is inviolable, autonomous in its execution and verifiable by all the section of the network because it is distributed.

Cercles dans un cercle, 1923, Vassily Kandinsky

Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, blockchain has continued to bring its own batch of evolutions in finance as well as in industry. However, it must be acknowledged that this technology is still struggling to find its place in common usage.

Hindrances to use

It could be argued that the democratization of blockchain-based payment solutions is simply a matter of time. This thesis, underpinned by the history of consumer technologies such as Internet, or previously the telephone, is based on the idea that large-scale deployment of blockchain is possible and sustainable. This assumption is false. …

© Micheile Henderson

Is it still necessary to point out that blockchain technology was born out of a deep desire to get away from the excesses of our financial system?

This disruptive technology, embodied by Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin protocol, carries with it the alter-globalist DNA of its precursors. After the explosive financial crisis of 2008, the least one can say is that the lessons have not been learned by a financial industry that is once again gripped by an extraordinarily violent crisis.

After 2008, there should be a social awareness of this financial economy and a readjustment to the real economy. …

® Noah Silliman

In a complex world, the sum of our knowledge is infinitely smaller than the sum of the things we do not know.

The temptation to write what will be, should be, could be the day after COVID-19 is immense in these times of general immobility. One of the most important things we do is to think, imagine and “guess” the future. At least as much as that of rehashing, rewriting and normalizing the past.

Prediction, an Olympic discipline practiced both by the elites shaping our world and by the masses who are addicted to sports betting. …

Comic strip tables from Astérix Légionnaire; Artist: Albert Uderzo

“Get involved, they said!”

In 2009, in the shadow of the economic crisis, I integrated the renowned school of industrial design, the ENSCI — les ateliers. The opening speech of the former director, Alain Cadix, was: “Our company must reinvent itself! It is up to you, the elite’s future designers, to change things, to transform and to accompany the industry towards this change. Young design legionnaires, newly hired and slightly candid, we were galvanized, fired up to become the spokespersons of a world to be reinvented.

Through my professional experiences and by hearing from my colleagues and friends, I finally realized that the big…

unsplash — @Jonathan Kho®

In a complex world, the sum of our knowledge is infinitely smaller than the sum of things we ignore. We are therefore not experts in anything, but simply observers and, if possible, actors of change.

What is CSR?

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility. Impossible to miss it these last 5 years. All the large companies have a dedicated department, either autonomous or linked to the group’s communications.

By social responsibility, we mean social and environmental responsibility. For companies, this responsibility consists of taking into account (on a voluntary basis) the concerns of all ecosystems they impact through their activities.

Let’s simplify. For a…


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