2K23 and still on the road !

6 min readNov 3, 2022


The end of 2022 is approaching, and it’s time to give everyone a sneak peek at our 2023 roadmap. The past year has been full of successes, twists and turns. We didn’t get everything right, but we did everything to keep our commitments. Despite the current bear market, we have not stopped producing nor have we stopped building. Because we know that the Bear is also a strategic time for good projects. The Bear is sorting out and leaving no chance for dubious projects. Although we don’t know when the Bear will end, 2023 will be a very ambitious year for Retreeb. In the next paragraphs, we cover essential subjects with more or less details (we have to maintain some suspense and sometimes mysteries). Finally, this is a roadmap and therefore a prospective vision of the major objectives that we set for ourselves. Operational realities may lead us to reconsider certain topics and prioritize others.

🚦Regulation and Store greenlight

As announced yesterday on Twitter, the apps are ready for launch. We are currently using an internal alpha version in order to onboard some first adopters! There are only 2 steps left before the launch of the 1st Local Use Case (LUC) with Alpha.

First, the review and validation of the regulator of all the flows (payment / withdrawal), processes (customer service / continuity of service etc.) and our documentation (technical / legal). This is a normal step before a financial service is launched on the market.

Then comes the Apple review process. All developers who have ever submitted an app to the store know the level of Apple’s requirements 🧘. Then we’ll launch LUC #1!

🚀 Local Use Case

So, about this famous LUC! A lot of questions and mystery around the LUC.

As we previously explained, launching a successful payment service globally requires a lot of funds. A payment service is like a dating app. The sucess of Tinder relies on a sufficient number of girls and boys in a specific area. You don’t want to match with someone 150km away from you. Well, payment is the same. You need a critical mass of users and a high density of merchants. The consumer has to find several shops where he can use his payment service near his home. Having a partnership with Starbucks for example at this stage has no interest. You’re not going to download a payment solution, only to pay for a white Mocha. Not to mention the 100K€ minimum integration costs on their POS solution. The best strategy is therefore to start local (LUC), multiply the successful LUCs then go global and multiply major player partnerships. That being said, the question is, how to deploy a LUC?

First, we have to choose the target city for the LUC with a list of very precise criteria: number of citizens, demography, political opinion, number of students, shopping density, dynamism of the city center, proximity of universities to the city center, openness of the local powers (municipality), etc. Then go meet with elected officials, merchant associations and merchants, to identify early adopters.

Then, as we said, the challenge is to simultaneously target users and merchants.

A LUC deployment takes place over several weeks and will mix media activations, street & guerrilla marketing actions. We will also recruit local crypto-friendly students to play an essential role in enrolling merchants. As for the merchants, it will not be enough to have a great offer, to be cheaper and more virtuous. Unfortunately, a majority of merchants are rather conservative and not techies. On the other hand, the only thing that a merchant hates above everything else is … missing a sale. • Let’s create that frustration 😈.

In order to generate traction among users and spur adoption, we are going to airdrop 130K€ in vouchers via our referral program, to be used only at the network merchants. A real boost to purchasing power and to support local merchants.

Now that you know all the validation steps of our deployment strategy and given that it is impossible to launch a LUC during the holiday season (merchants would not be receptive enough), we will launch the deployment of the 1st LUC in Q1 2023.

Changing the world is all about putting in the right effort and having the right timing.

📱 Alpha App Whitelist

From now until the launch on stores, we have decided to open the app to fifty of our supporters. The first 50 lucky supporters who will be able to discover and test the app. This whitelist and the details will be announced soon. Here is the link to submit your application: https://forms.gle/7mYjWVqWGJYTF4Jy6

⚙️ Plugin & eShop Retreeb

Our apps will cover physical payments in the LUC. In parallel, we are also developing our first online payment module. And to test this, nothing is better than having your own eShop. Moreover, many of you have asked us for Retreeb merchandising 😎. We are working on it and selected quality products for you. More information soon on this topic.

💵 Holders Incentive Extension

This is a very important topic. Because it affects all $Treeb holders. You already know the compensation mechanism planned in the white paper and which is related to the CSR Launchpad. Each holder will be able to come and deposit his $Treebs in delegation on the launchpad and in return for his votes for the projects, he will receive an incentive in $Treeb.

In addition, there are two complementary new incentive mechanisms.

The first one is the development of incremental in-App advertising. On the one hand, the app contains a section dedicated to the follow-up of the ethical projects financing and thus native content updated continuously. On the other hand, our future users are engaged citizens who are the ideal targets and customers of ethical brands. By developing our own advertising department, we will activate a new source of direct revenue and new partnerships for the Retreeb payment solution. And this profit stream will be shared with $Treeb Holders. We will use 51% of the profit to buy and burn $treebs!

The second value lever is currency conversion.. As you know, the (s)Treeb is issued by our CELL token factory and (s)Treeb will cover international currencies and transfers in the future. So it will be possible to exchange in-app (s)Treeb€ with (s)Treeb£ for example. This exchange will be paid in-app and a fee will be applied to cover our own spread and service costs. Here as well, we will use 51% of the profit to buy and burn $treebs! Thus, our circulating supply will also be deflationary, which will increase the value of each $Treeb.

Retreeb is an ethical financial institution by design. Ethics require transparency. Thus, Retreeb will regularly publish its results, so that everyone can follow the good execution of our commitments.

🎨 Artwork NFTs collection

Let’s end this article with a sweetness. No doubt that you have spotted this topic in the roadmap ^^. Indeed, we have been preparing for several months a collection of NFT artworks. It is a true work of art and not some small JPEG monkeys or dinosaurs….

This collection will be an extremely limited edition and will be sold on a totally non-profit basis for the benefit of UNITLIFE, the UN’s initiative with whom we are partners. For Retreeb it will be a great lever of soft power because we can hope for a worldwide impact of this operation. You will soon be able to read more about this wonderful subject. We’ll leave here a hint: the theme is about the future of the world.