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2023 on the way !



The year 2022 was rich in challenge, achievement and learning.

A year of peak and a year of transition where many had to learn to navigate a cycle that was unknown to them: called Bear.

I wouldn’t risk giving any predictions about this Bear, which is part of a global systemic crisis, but I do know that this cycle is a good opportunity to purge the ecosystem. And therefore, to keep only the best projects. It is also a great period to build serenely, far from the excitement of all the virtual millionaire apprentices too emotional to be on the finish line and keeping those who believe in the projects and its fundamentals, those who learned to be patient. This cycle imposes the long time and makes patience the mother of all virtues.

Even though we successfully launched our 2 new staking pools (Dead & Bear) last month, December was calm… in appearance. Only on the surface! We are sticking to our roadmap and a few announcements will follow in the next few days. I can already tell you that the next few weeks, the teams won’t sleep much ;)

The year 2023, begins with huge structural challenges for our industry, for our communities and for the people. It will be hard, but it will be beautiful, and we will have to rely on each other and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. This year will be what we all make of it together, as in a few weeks we will start the deployment of our solution.

All the team of Retreeb joins me in thanking you for being by our side, for your confidence and wishes you all a beautiful and happy year 2023.
Now let’s try to make this year an amazing one 💚

Lepetit Jeremi — Co-founder & CEO Retreeb

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