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Dear Retreeb familly 💙

The whole team joins me to wish you a wonderful and Happy New Year 2022.

The past year has been exceptional for many reasons. A strong and growing team, supports were gathered to finance it and a project materialized, based on a simple idea: to make finance more ethical and solidarity-based using payment.

Engaged… Through Retreeb, we come to transform finance by making it more responsible and by involving it actively in solving the social and environmental problems of our time.

Equity… With blockchain and Fantom’s infrastructure, we are creating a payment service that aims to profit every stakeholder in the equation: the company, investors, users, our neighbor and the planet.

A virtuous equation where each commercial performance correlates with a societal contribution.

The recent performances are obviously a great recognition for the work performed. It is also the promise to finance Retreeb and to follow our roadmap without necessarily having to negotiate with traditional financing players (banks, VCs, etc.). These performances mean a great responsibility to all those who believe in Retreeb, but also to the society. We do not forget that the huge capital inflow that floods the crypto market come from of the magic money created by the central banks. Every crypto investor benefits and so does Retreeb. As for the people, they will redeem this debt through crises, inflation, taxes and the loss of public services. Retreeb is committed to bearing its responsibility in a world where environmental problems and inequalities are becoming unsustainable.

The coming year will be a challenging one. Our roadmap is clear and as since the beginning we will always give our best to fulfill it. The team will grow even more and we will also have lots of good news for the community. Our applications will be launched in the market, key partnerships with large international companies and global NGOs will be announced, new listings will be scheduled, financial approvals will be obtained, and new valuation mechanisms for TREEB holders will be proposed.

We have a great team to achieve our ambitions. A team where everyone knows their value and their role. A team made up of people all as reliable as each other and for whom working on a project like Retreeb combines with strong values.

The first chapters of Retreeb are written and you are already in the story. A new chapter is opening and we will write the next pages together.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

Jérémi Lepetit — CEO retreeb



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